The official wiki for all knowledge currently known about Goblin Honey expanded observable universe.

This is the free encyclopedia anyone can't edit, this project aims to be the complete sum of all Goblin Knowledge. Goblin Honey is written collaboratively by all who exist within its constructs, the physical and metaphysical universe itself. Anyone with internet access and literacy can access this encyclopedia to read that which has been written. :!: (third edition wiki)


write something about First Floor Goblins - goblins that occupy the first floor of city buildings to decompose/demolish buildings one floor at a time, through their continued occupation of that floor and their rowdy roughness lifestyle.

It is the name for collected works/ideas/theories/history/media about, or made by the goblin peoples (and others) of planet Tejass, typically about events on the supercontinent Tejass, on the northwest coast, near/around/in/on/under/over/through Corpses Christi. Goblin Honey also encompasses many forgotten, precreated, un-existant, and theoretical creations about, by, or for goblins. Theoretical comics are one of the most common forms of publicly observable Goblin Honey works available on Trash Planet and it's internet.

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Did y'all know...

  • …goblins can't read but they are born able to write?
  • …bearhive honey is actually produced a substance produced by the host wasps feeding on the pus produced from newly hatched larvae in the bearhive?
  • …fossilized dog eggs have been found on the moon, indicating someone was throwing fossils really hard a long time ago?
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