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Corpses Christi

Corpses Christi refers to the unique geological feature lying as a mountain range on the central shores of the Christi region. Resembling a mountainous large corpse embedded belly-down, legs floating in the ocean, arms bent above the head, into the coast of northwest Tejas. It is a contiguous body of various geographic features and with a complex interior landscape with expansive inner cave and sea systems.



The region is subdivided into the corresponding goblinoid body parts the landforms resemble. Oriented roughly perpendicular to the shorelines of Christi, rear-end aligned to the West, the body is said to be “facing” East, although it is ambiguous which way the head would be oriented, if it had a face.

Surface Regions

The Head resembles a spheroid with an large segment, roughly an eighth slice, removed, leaving two immense sheared faces of crystal amalgamate. The mountain range known as The Pillows surround the Geode-like mass. The bottom cut hosts a large Wizard City. Along the crystal cliff faces are countless structures forming cliff-cities on the exterior. Carved into the solid crystal are deep shafts leading to interior spaces ranging from individual dwellings and workshops, to cavernous hollows containing castles or villages.

Right Arm

The southern “right” arm is missing segments from the upper arm down a bit past the elbow, where the land has been splayed into sweeping terraces of layered plateaus. The right hand is disconnected from the wrist, with most of the fingers removed, leaving only a middle finger, with a few scattered segments of remaining fingers remaining ni the area, as well as a thumb which props up the hand forming the roof over Underhand Settlements.

Left Arm

The left arm is more intact but creviced throughout with mountains that seem to have bloated out and spilled from within. The left arm terminates at the wrist, the missing hand apparently severed with a large cave mouth from which the largest reverse-flowing watercourse Handup River flows in through the left arm and into the greater inner body waterways.

The Neck

The neck and upper back are characterized by an immense volcano characterized by the unusual and irregular compositions of its eruptions.


The back is characterized by rolling plains, craggy rises, twinkling deserts, and sweltering marshes on either side of the Great Sweatwater River whose amber stained waters cycles from boiling hot to subzero temperatures throughout the year.

Bottom Cheek

The expanse between the two buttock cheeks is known as the Grand Canyon.

Bottom Cheek

The bottom cheek mound is significantly lower than the north cheek, with a large relatively flat disc, exposing a cross section of the various geographic layers of the body. Presently the disc is covered by the largest and most populous city and metropolitan area on the Tejass.

Floating Cheek Segment

The top part of the southern cheek is floating landmass that drifts in an irregular and lackadaisical pattern, except when pulled by string by someone on the ground to direct it, which is a huge pain in the ass and risky endeavor. Upper city. Grand Aviaries. Weather pattern stuff. stuff about the waterfall legend to descend underground or into hell

Top Cheek

The top cheek mound is a rounded hill covered in a unique geographic organism named (Peach or Housing Organism) (maybe just name of city, also maybe its peach emoji) resulting in a growing, shifting, spiraling fractal landscape of repeating patterns of the same terrain originating from a “model” area. When the land and organism are healthiest, each repeating area is nearly identical, but illness of the organization or disruptions in the ecosystems or land can cause aberrations in individual repetitions. Individual repetitions, known as neighborhoods, or neighborlands can vary in scale- in some places the land itself being the massive roof of house in a much larger, older neighborhood. Notably the residential units of Peach have interiors of shifting size compared to their exteriors. Identical houses may appear normally from the outside windows, but inside have drastically different interiors of indeterminate size, which can grow and contract, change, reorganize, and produce seemingly impossible spaces with no way for residents to manipulate or change the interior for themselves. This interior-space anomaly is distinct and far-less understood than the wrong-sized interiors of goblin architecture, which can also be larger on the inside, but of a static size, with consistent interactions and relations to the apparent exterior and material construction necessary to support the interior. The current ranch model house endemic to the landscape feature windows displaying identical interior living room and kitchen spaces, with the occluded hallways typically being where anomalous interior activity can be seen.

North Leg

The northern left leg has a more contiguous above-water surface area, and the passage at the knee shallower with corals making unsafe passage.

Left Foot

Exposed heel topped with colossus statue. The underwater foot is porous with caverns covered in corals. The toes of the left foot are called the “tentacles” and are the location of several fully aquatic non-goblinoid cities and settlements, like C'Pod a melting pot city for countless betentacled beings.

Right Thigh

The upper thigh of the southern right leg is known as Dancer or Gam. Steeper more eroded land, more of the leg sloped sunken underwater with deeper passage behind the knee. The right leg in general less intact than the left. Between both legs form a large supernatural harbour.

Lower Leg / Immodest Calf

The exposed ovalish island area of the right leg. Island covered in thick tropical jungle that aggressively envelops any buildings and constructions or even creatures. Important area for seasonally migrating or reproducing critters, crabs, birds, fish, sirens, seagorillas etc.

Heel Berg / Right Foot

The right leg heel island and underwater foot form a sort of foot“berg” seemingly disconnected from Calf Island, actually connected via phantom semipermeable membrane and quantum foam, entirely invisible underwater. The top of the island has a colossus statue. Underwater, drilled and mined in the foot is an underwater “surf n turf” city, gleaming with underwater lights at night. The “big toe” features a large underwater lighthouse. The bridge of the foot has a port and harbor for submarines and nautilus ships and other underwater vessels and creatures, even smaller island-turtles and city-jellies.

Sub Surface Regions

This encompasses the vast stretches of deeper underground environments, ecosystems, settlements, water systems, and cave networks between the surfaces of Corpses Christi and the inner surfaces of the cavity. Istirhc Sesproc the upsidedown hanging cavern city submetro area mirrors the surface city, albeit generally out of sync with the present (sometimes useful for studying history or future city planning).

Inner Regions

Inside the torso is the largest interior cavern space and interior ocean, usually called the Gut or Great Cavity. Various settlements cover all the complex surfaces and underwater areas here. There is a sort of day/night cycle but not in sync with the planets.

Deep Under Regions

Deep underground areas below Corpses Christi. Very sparse cracks and pockets of ancient and mostly dormant or fossilated creatures remain. Seepage from Corpses Christi results in unique extremophile microorganisms between the crust and upper mantle.

Civil Overview

Sorta United Corpses Christi - Loose union between most of the major city-states of the bottom half of Corpses Christi, Hole, ground coastal cities north and south of CC, the moon, and several minor powers.

Mutuality of the Explosive Thought - Mutually Assured Destruction Pact between cities and powers of the head and neck.

Fairweather Agreement of Air Domains - Alliance of Bottomup, Orbiting Teapot Town, North Cloud Nation, Sky Woods Entanglement, Golden Feather (gryphon kingdom), Freecloud Cruise Colonies, various flying ship fleets, and crows.

Belywurx - Federation of codependent cities of Inner Regions and a host of neighboring Sub Surface powers. Capital on floating, bobbing city Bolus in the Inner Sea.

Knuckle Wizardom - Warring schools of Knuckle Wizards who rally when pressured or threatened by outside forces.

Throne of Clay - Coalition of various sandmans, golem, construct, mud and clay cities outside of corpses christi.

Opportunity of Sharing - largely neutral independent settlements and civs peppered throughout the greater regions

Major Cities

Corpses Christi City

Corpses Christi City is the most populous city in the world, part of Corpses Christi City-state. CCC proper is the sprawling metropolitan area across the surface and immediate underground “plate” of the Southern Cheek encompassing a great number of cities and towns divided into XX wards, including semi-autonomous self-governing special wards, like Slobberough.

(Burb City name)

(keep forgetting what it named or all of these: peach city, big peach, burb city, cheek hill, spiral, repeatia, suburbopolis, superb burg) spiral suburb sprawl repeating over entire cheek hill


Oceanside City on the interior walls of the cavern tube leading to the interior of Corpses Christi. Fancy shmancy ritzy hoity toity kinda place, by goblin standards.

Long Legland

The north-left leg cities, ports, minor islands and harbortowns.


The south-right thigh cities and cave systems. Pretty mid.

Calf Island

Jungle rich ovaloid dotted with periodic buildings and settlements, overgrown with more jungle.


Underwater city, but with large pods of air and other gaseous habitats with “surface city” type buildings connected by transparent tubes and bubble structures. Includes large underwater port and the “peak”/lowest point of the city is an immense lighthouse on the big toe.

(tentacle city)

Fully underwater city, built by and for sea creatures, tentacled-intelligences in particular, who consider Corpses Christi to be their kin and call the limbs tentacles. one of the least gobliny cities, with few populations of any land-dwelling species.

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