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Slobberough is special ward of Corpses Christi City located about (10oclock on the city plate-mainarticle orientation on CCC). bleghblegh rivers pour down through sogbottom marshes into the Grand Canyon. bbbdproper terms tp sayfkbns this special ward encompasses the main city of Slobberough and its undercity, the BTG Craters towns, Junkbelt, and Oasis Hills/Plution Oasis.

-Neighbored to north by sogbottom marshes leading to grandcanyon nearish the waterfall.

-Attract global tourists despite reputation as world-renown Arts & Crime district.

-Most buildings are elaborate art projects or wild architectures and strange habitats, or very least are topped or covered in elaborate decoration, sculptures, functional facilities, even moving automatons, some so needlessly complex they take up most useable interior space with supporting structures and machinery.


old times names - oughb, arobbertown, fsloughphp, slough burrow, douglass-branchId-slobb, honeybell-ant colony 27, slough, slobbera.

Big Places

List of Slobberough Places Public Domain Portal - portal enabling public domain people and properties passage into the city.

Game Forest - cube that periodically emerges under segments of the city trapping them in elaborate and possibly deadly games under mysterious control.

No$BGH Dome - Sports Stadium current host to the eternal Big Game

Notable Skyline Landmarks

The 'SLOBBEROUgH Sign' - Large buildings spelling out the name of the borough. Free housing for any resident, but each building has some weird thing going on that may make it an undesirable residence.

Potion Lake & Wizard Tower Tower - Tallest bldg, made of wizard towers added to the stack. Wizards can move in simply by adding their towers to the stack. Vacancies can be filled by new wizards unable to build their own towers, or used as labs for local schools, or even residences for magically inclined non-wizards.

Antunion Mound - Several ant colonies and families in a communal mound. Not a giant dirt pile, but a cone of buildings and shops and offices for various ant businesses. Not exclusively for ants, other underground and insectoid species can be found living or working in the colony tunnels.

The Immobilized Walking Warcastle (CCCCCCC Arts) - Campus for the large magical-arts college surrounds an immobilized living warcastle, a shell casing for an enormous brain-organism that claims to be the last living clump of Corpses Christi brainland. According to itself, art-obsessed brain and warcastle was never suited for war and was immobilized by the ancient herd-kingdom that built it and served as various structures in the area rebuilding itself over millions of years, presently serving as an artcastle for the Corpses Christi City Community College of Curious & Confounding Arts.

Mickleza Towers (Hotel Mickleza)

Golden 3D Triangle

Treasure Barge - Party barge made of wrecked cruise-liners, treasure, and trash. Functions as a roaming bridge as well as a vessel of offshore debauchery.

Dimension Dollop - Coliseum slathered in what appear to be a gelatinous dollop of region of outer space.

Major Streets

Streets are relatively flat surfaces low to the ground between buildings. Seestreets of slobberough for full listing. Streets in slobberough often embody certain energies, ideas, concepts, vibes, values, or attitudes. Many of the street surfaces themselves are suffused with or made of elements or materials associated with the aesthetics of the idea. Some of these streets are by design, others resigned by natural or supranatural tendencies of the area essentially necessitating the name as a heads-up.

Busy Street

Street where there is a lot going on.

Crime Street Lane

Street where crime is legal.

Bordering Features

Imported Wall Parkin Lot National Park Whatever I called the Industrial Hills Junkyard Belt Big Tex Graveyard Sogbottom Marsh (soggy region between city proper and the crevice)

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