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Art Schools

Major Campus


Corpses Christi City Community College of Curious & Confounding Arts - Large magical-arts college inside of immobilized warcastle.

Academy of Dark Performing Arts

'Dark' magical-arts college, campus divided by stream (covered canopy of dark dungeon tunnel with cracks/grout sparkling of stars?). blend of modern clean fancy but menacing architecture in general with patches of older buildings out of style variously incorporated.

Spirit Airline Miles Reward University

Airship Pirate Airport is also an arts campus specializing in teaching skywriting, skywriter piracy, chemtrail artists, cloud seeding, cloud bursting, blimp graphic design, mast woodcarving, nose cone arts, nose cone dentistry, jet pinup painting, aerial cinematography, flight simulator 3d modeling, airport art curation, and plane painting.

Building Campus

Smaller Schools

Notable Buildings

Aquarium Building - First two floors are normal aquatic-themed

Tower in a Bottle -

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