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Imported Wall

The Imported Wall is an enormous wall segment a few city blocks long, blocking nothing in particular from passing on either side. An apparent slice of the Big Wall, or the wall is clad in the same material as the Big Wall. While forming part of the eastern segment of the “barrier” of Slobberough, and is not considered part of the borough or corpses christi. Like the Big Wall itself, information about whether there are or were inhabitants at all is largely unknown.

Wall Material

While the interior materials of the wall are impenetrable to technological, psychic, and magical survey, the outer materials are fairly well understood and studied. The outermost layers of the Imported Wall are a stonescale gridmesh of self-organizing bricks with a fairly typical reverse-erosion growth system. -ruff notes 2nd layer nearly unbreakable, semi self-repairing, increasingly resistant to repeated method of attack, strong magic immunity, etc. magicweave reinforcement from assumed internal tech or beings make the wall not worth trying to tear down -material not a miracle substance and any bits managed to be removed quickly decay into mundane limestone-like stone.

Weakening of the Wall

-Walls been in increasing disrepair last centuries, only recently progress made penetrating denser layers of wall material


The “importing” of the wall is not well understood, with many contradictory accounts purporting the wall was imported and moved physically by breaking it off or trading for it from the Big Wall, or discovered it buried under a hilltop castle, or various figures and groups claiming to have made it themselves. The Imported Wall most likely through whatever means came to its present location after the Spanking, as archeological evidence on Bottomup have no strong evidence of its presence or impact.


-not physically there / space region transposed with actual Big Wall through Wallbuilders machinations or accident

-actual smaller segment of wall broken off and brought over to display as trophy for some ancient civ, the wall expanding outward from there causing ancient panic and wars, before suddenly staying dormant at its present size ever since

-attempt of Wallbuilders to expand or invade or scout further lands

-elaborate fake or replica built by ancient museum culture

-stupid wizard bullshit

-stupid corpses christi biogeography

-ugly corporate art sculpture

-ancient art project

-followup nod to story of undrawn comic: Big Wall

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