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Goblin Architecture

Goblin Architecture refers to buildings and structures built and designed with interior spaces that exceed the apparent volume allowed by the exterior. The term may also be used to describe structures of normal interior-exterior relationships built/designed by or in the style of goblins, with “gobliny” or “goblinish” being used instead for clarity to refer exclusively to mundane interior-exterior volume buildings.

A “goblin building” may have an interior much larger or smaller than it would appear from the outside or even while looking inside from the outside.

raw notes turn into proper later

- term for XL goblin interior type bldgs, GXL big gulp? biggie size wdk yet

- typically only especially talented or exceptionally bad Goblin Architects are able to properly and safely construct XL interiors. kind of a rightfully showoff move to do it right.

- any dumbass goblin could make one, but they are very likely to decay extremely quickly even with heavy maintenance

- benefits and risks of XL interiors: more room for activities larger magic-ecological footprint, high maintenance requirements, sometimes too-much room, require overengineering and redundancy to be safe - patchbreakcatastrophic breach: explain what happens when outside of building is broken exposing a larger interior space, diff between a small breach (pressure diffs, visibility problems, sometimes self-sealing) and catastrophic breach where damaged area is so big the interior space is suddenly unfolded/exploded/imploded into regular space

- explain advanced gobling doormouth construction to accommodate extremely disparate city dwellers

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