Trash Planet

This is a trashy planet in the mediocre Milky Way Galaxy in one of the least interesting sections of the universe, of typical interest to goblins only as a source of some trash peddled by alien cowboy smugglers. The planet orbits a sun that doesn't even have sunglasses or a cool grin, it's literally a burning orb of farts they're wasting.

Trash Planet generally causes more trouble than it is worth, compared to most life-bearing planets.

Space trash eventually formed a planet, a failed planetary assassination ended up creating a moon which eventually helped enable the rise of billions of incredibly useless lifeforms, most unable to even survive outside of their immediate environment, entirely lacking in ability to even abstractly perceive most of the fundamental forces of the universe, and inevitably lead themselves to their own extinction with relatively minimal universal contamination given how much every single organism to ever be born on that planet was inarguably a failure from any conceivable and unconceivable perspective or metric.

It is widely known by everyone everywhere ever to be just a really shitty place, literally the only things that live there, have to. Be careful when dealing with anyone who you suspect might be from that place, know of it, know of someone who once knew of it, or have something from it. Watch out for code words used to discuss it surreptitiously, “Earth,” “terra,” “gaia,” or “stupid piece of shit planet” are the most common.

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