The kilomile is the standard base unit of measurement for sentient denizens of Tejas. Commonly abbreviated as km, or m or mi. This unit is equivalent to both a single mile or a single kilometer using Trash Planet's traditional units of measurement during the Earth Human Extinction Era. A mile is defined by one-part of a kilomile, while a kilometer is defined as the other part of the kilomile + some of the mile part too, sometimes.

More formally, a kilomile is defined as the length of the path of light travelled in a used vacuum cleaner in “like, way under one second or so.”

The kilomile is a goblin invention, one that is only begrudgingly adopted out of inertia by other species who often supplement with their own units of measurement. The variable nature of so many things on the planet, combined with the Goblin Literacy Paradox make the unit surprisingly more useful than it may seem to those used to units of measurement with predictable, static measurements. It may seem like a stretch of road one mile long and one a kilometer long cannot be of equal length, however a one kilomile length of road can be equal to both and this measurement will often work out to be more relatively accurate in conveying the length of a space on Tejas, particularly when goblin construction or goblin engineering is involved.

Goblins have only variable ability to interpret units of measurement or numbers and the numbers they write down may not be accurate or may be otherwise skewed in a way they could maybe explain, but would pretty much remember exactly what they meant when they read it, but they can't, and so don't. Fortunately this malleability also means if enough folks “basically figure” what the measurement was meant to be by the goblin that measured it, it'll be that as long as most are on board. This flexibility is however nullified almost entirely when supplemental units are given alongside the goblin kilomile system and observed by an entity literate enough to process it.

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